i run to the night

i run to the night   begging for the roar of cicadas to calm my racing mind desperate for the glowing fireflies to save me from myself   closing my eyes i beg for peace in the chaos of the night   i am alone in this world   tears fall in silence as i... Continue Reading →


the sun and the moon

understand you are the light and the darkness   they must coexist for you to be whole   cower from your darkness and you will never be true to your full self   you are the sun and the moon   for they are equally beautiful and important   too much sun is blinding it... Continue Reading →

i’ve been away

It has been several months since I've posted on this blog.  I was so consistent with it and so inspired every time I wrote that I was truly surprised with myself that I fell off.  Several big life changes ensued which sent me into a bit of a hectic and transitional frame of mind, but... Continue Reading →

Life is Unpredictable, Love it

What is security but a coping mechanism we have devised in our own minds? Something we use to help us navigate this unpredictable life.  We are not powerful enough to change the nature of the world. So why are we offended when life decides to prove this to us? The future we have imagined for... Continue Reading →

Live, now

My heart longs for adventure. But so often I am trapped in the lie of the security of daily life. Life happens regardless, whether you seek it out or not. You are never really safe.  So why wait around, helpless, until something happens?  Make life happen.  Seek it out.  Find your adventure.  Meet others who... Continue Reading →

To 20 year old me,

i wish i could hold you and kiss away the pain in your eyes. let you know that it's all going to be okay. that your world will not forever be in darkness. that you are beautiful and kind and loving and strong. my heart aches so tenderly for you. i'm so sorry you had... Continue Reading →


shame on you for viewing me as a woman who could make you feel like more of a man for using my love to fill the void in your own heart   shame on you for making my body your vessel of confidence your masculine validation   that was not your right my love was... Continue Reading →

To the stranger in the bar,

To the stranger in the bar,   do not dare to put a possessive hand on the small of my back as you sidle past me, cloaking your indiscretion in a darkened room   a cheap feel   you were seemingly contrite when I confronted you, stiffening my spine, to shame you for your trespass... Continue Reading →

speak your truth

speak your truth life is too short to regret words unspoken who cares if it's too much? if you're too intense? speak your truth this is your journey do not stifle yourself for the comfort of others not everyone will respond positively it doesn't matter own your emotions bear them with pride the ones that... Continue Reading →


if you had said to me, i will defeat my darkness i will challenge its power it will not win my soul, i wouldn't have thought it possible   i have come so far and still a long way to go but the darkness   hah   i conquered you   i fought fucking hard... Continue Reading →

first love

i danced my heart away with the devil i don't even know why i fell or how he sucked me in i was so damn young enamored with the notion that a man could love me i was too naive to see that i was dangerously slipping away into a life of painful nonexistence he... Continue Reading →

my heart invented a song

my heart invented a song for you a hymn which could not last created in imaginative wanderings false images of a love passed my heart invented a song for you that I would defiantly sing but my breath ran short with a tune impure the melody meant nothing my heart invented a song for you... Continue Reading →

maw of the ocean

will I survive this storm? it circles my mind massing, gathering strength seething dark and grey roiling the sea of emotions the eddies of chaos appear small at first but now the waters are capped white I'm losing control how can i stop the maw of the ocean?

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